Who I Am

My name is Olga Pettis and I’m the owner and cake designer at J.A.M. Cakery.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that God was leading me on the path of owning my own business as a cake decorator. For ten years, I had a fulfilling job at Children of the Word Adoption and Relief Agency, a job that I loved and a job that I dreamed about since I was a little girl. My brush with cake decorating was unexpected and unplanned, as in 2008 I was searching for someone to make a custom cake for my son’s birthday. After considering the options we had on Eastern Shore at that time, I was left unsatisfied that I could get what I was looking for. Thus, I tackled my problem the only way I knew how-I decided to do it myself and resigned myself to the fact that regardless of how the cake looked, at least it will taste good.  To my own surprise,  the cake not only tasted good, but many parents at the party wanted a phone number for bakery that made it.  Now, that’s ancient history.  Now, I’m the owner of J.A.M. Cakery and cannot imagine doing anything else other than baking and decorating cakes and hope that they’ll put the smile on the face of their recipients, just like my very first cake did for a very special four year old boy years ago.